The When in Culture Academy is the ultimate destination for cultural proficiency and global learning.
We can help you embrace change, navigate the challenges of living abroad, and thrive in your education and career.
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Our Mission

At When In Culture, our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become true global citizens. We believe that cultural proficiency is essential in today’s interconnected world, fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration across diverse communities.

What We Offer

Through our learning platform, we provide high-quality mini videos and interactive assessments that cover a wide range of cultural topics. Our content is designed to bridge the gap between cultures, offering insights into customs, traditions, communication styles, and practical aspects of living in a new country. 

Why Choose When In Culture?

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Great preparation is the key to a successful venture. Our courses and videos provide an excellent foundation for both study and employment. 

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Make the most of your learning. Develop an understanding of UK universities and academic practice that will help you excel in your degree.

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Today’s global business environment needs people who can lead workplaces across the world. Gain the skills you need for multicultural communication.

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