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Set Yourself Up for Success

To get the best results in a British university degree, it's important to understand what will be expected of you and how to structure your time. This course takes a stepwise approach through the main areas you'll need to focus on: lectures, reading, research, assignments, writing and group work. Each topic is explored using mini videos that will help you learn in an engaging way, and includes lots of helpful hints and tips.
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What Students say

I learnt so much on this course, really enjoyable and informative.
It helped me settle so much quicker!
My parents and I loved finding out more about UK student life.
I learnt so much on this course, really enjoyable and informative
It helped me settle so much quicker
My parents and I loved finding out more about UK student life


Watch our introductory video to learn more about the topics we cover.
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Preparing For Your UK Academic Studies is designed for students who have accepted a place at a UK university and are planning their visit abroad. It would also be useful to current students hoping to understand more about the British method of learning.


Beginning student journey


Continuing education

Learning Outcomes

Enhanced preparation

Get focused before you start your course, ensuring that you arrive ready to study.

Better understanding

Gain knowledge of the UK university system and how our degree courses can differ.

Comprehensive knowledge

Feel at ease in a variety of settings, such as using the library, working in a group or doing a presentation.

More efficient

From note-taking to research, discover hints and tips that will make time management so much easier.

Set for success

Build the confidence to explore all the resources and opportunities that are available.

Ready to learn

Your new skills will help you get a great result both at university and at work.

Course Lessons

How You'll Learn

Preparing For Your UK Academic Studies is taught online via a series of topics.
For each topic, you’ll watch an engaging and informative short video and then answer questions or explore associated information. 
At your own pace.
Each topic should take no more than about 15 minutes. There is no start date or deadline within the duration of your subscription to the course, so you can do as many topics as you like within your sessions, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and at times that suit you.
Certified results.
Once you have completed all the topics, you will gain a digital certificate that you can share with your university so they know that you are prepared for the style of teaching and learning that you will encounter.

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